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12/23/2008 11:22 PM Optimized widget loading

To save bandwidth on our server some more optimizations have been done to the widget loading. The number of requests required to load the widget is more or less cut in half.

What is it?
XConnectr.com connects people across web sites with a messenger like functionality you add to your web site or blog. XConnectr's technology will enable your users to see who is online at your web site and let them interact by sending messages or chat with each other.

  • Add awareness to your Blog, Homepage or Web site. See who is online. Personal avatar and user description.
  • Tag names and show online presence of you and fellow bloggers. (Like: Tomas Nielsen)
  • Maintain a buddy list to have your favourite contacts only a click away.
  • Add comments to your posts and be able to send and receive messages and chat with the people leaving feedback.
  • No need to keep a user registry, users can log in once and use the same credentials across sites.
  • Have a latest visitors roll on your site showing who visited.

  • Enrich your site today. You only need to insert some simple HTML and your web site is connected. No ActiveX, no applets and no strange plugins. Generate widget code